The Flight of A Bird – Travelling through Lapland to The Arctic Ocean

Tenon laakso, tietä, Kari

There are landscapes that are carved into one’s soul. The landscape of my soul is Lapland, the northernmost part of Finland with its hills, and the river Teno that stretches from Finland to the Arctic Ocean in the North of Norway. In this landscape I used to spend my summer holidays when I was a child.

The photos you see here were taken during the trip that we just made to the North of Finland and Norway.


… The fragrance of the tundra vegetation in the summer, the vast skies and the infinite horizon of the arctic hills connect me to the deepest essence of myself. This landscape soothes my soul, it silences the endless babble of my mind, and it brings me into direct contact with fresh, untamed nature. In this landscape I am one with the soaring eagle on the sky, I become a mountain avens on a hill, and I change to a gurgle of limpid water in a brook. In this landscape I dissolve into the unfathomable beauty of the earth.

Soutumatka joella

Merestä nouseva kallioKissankellojaSuovilla


Vene ja merta

“The spirit of man is nomad, his blood Bedouin, and love is the aboriginal tracker on the spoor of his lost self; and so I come to live my life not by conscious plan or prearranged design but as someone following the flight of a bird.”

 Sir Laurens van der Post

7 responses to “The Flight of A Bird – Travelling through Lapland to The Arctic Ocean

  1. powerful images..once again, they remind me of Canada

  2. Just beautiful :D

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