Techno Granny “Turns Her Mind to The Unborn”


3.11. hymypoika - Version 2

Now forget the dead, forget even the living, turn your mind to the unborn.

Wole Soyinka

Recently my daughter jokingly called me “techno granny”. By that she meant that despite my almost sixty years of age I have been interested in learning how to use Facebook, how to write a blog, how to navigate in the Internet. I participate in tele seminars and webinars and meet clients on Skype. Many of my friends of the same age know nothing about the worlds where I shuttle daily.

Well, I have to admit I still feel baffled by the mysteries of new technology, and sometimes I panic when something goes wrong. But I definitely have opened the door to something new.

As I thought about the theme of this blog, I remembered a quote from Nigerian author Wole Soyinka. It is really the “unborn” that my mind has been turned to during the past weeks when I have not been writing this blog.

I finished my nearly year-long training in Zen coaching. Actually it is a lifetime process, but nevertheless, I finished one part of the journey. And now I have gradually started to work as a life coach – or, as I also call myself: a coach in personal development, a mindfulness trainer, or Zen coach. 

Turning the mind to the unborn… For me it means giving space to the new, to something that is just unfolding. The “unborn” also means not knowing and being perfectly ok with not-knowing.

So my daughter is right. Granny is giving an expression to what life has taught her, and she is sharing that with others.

My website is under construction. Please, bear with me still for a while. In the meantime you can follow me also on Twitter: @Maarit_Suokas

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