My long and winding road

  • Who am I really?
  • Do I live the way I want to live?
  • Why is it so difficult sometimes to be at peace with oneself? And with others?
  • What makes life meaningful and worthwhile?
  • In the end, what is important in life?

The answers and the processes by which we look for answers to these questions are not always comfortable. But the rewards we get from the process can be remarkable. That’s why I’ve chosen these questions to be the theme of my blog.

My name is Maarit Suokas-Alanko.IMG_8069m

I started my path quite a while ago. I studied theology and did my MA at the University of Helsinki. Since those years as a young theologian I have worked as a journalist, as a semi-professional painter, and art critic. At some point I also studied art history, aesthetics and semiotics.

My most recent discovery, life coaching that takes its inspiration from Zen, links together all my previous experiences. I want to work with people who are looking for new, more meaningful directions in their lives – personally, professionally, spiritually.

The theologian in me asks how I could understand life and myself on a deeper level.

The journalist in me ponders our relationship with the surrounding reality, which is not always so easy.

The artist in me looks at the ways in which art helps us to understand and interpret the world and ourselves.

The Zen coach in me searches for ways that can help us in becoming truly authentic and whole.

I am also a “global nomad”, having spent altogether fourteen years in different countries in Africa and Asia with my family – years that have deeply influenced the way I look at people in their cultures, including the people of my own country, Finland, where I presently live.

Seen from the outside, people’s needs and goals in different corners of the world may seem very different, but from an inside view they are very similar.

What inspires me? The fluid language of myth and art in various forms has always been very close to my heart. These media speak to the ‘Whole’ of the human being – rational as well as emotional. I am also deeply fascinated by the old Wisdom traditions of the world. (Please note that I prefer the broader concept Wisdom traditions to religions, because I believe that organized religions are not the only source of spiritual wisdom.)

The questions I’ve asked at the beginning of this text have always been present in my life. I do not claim to have the answers, but my wish is to share some of the insights that I have had up to now. Therefore, I want to gently provoke my reader to engage in an exploration of these questions with me.


4 responses to “My long and winding road

  1. Dear Maarit,
    I had been wanting to come here just to specially take time to read your words and your thoughts. On this quiet, unhurried Saturday afternoon I am so very glad I did. Your gentleness, kindness, wisdom and refreshing self-honesty touch me so very deeply. I count myself blessed that our paths crossed and I so much look forward to getting to know you! All my love and warmest wishes, Sharon

    • Dearest Sharon, I’m so glad you had time to come and visit my blog. I got tears into my eyes when I read your comment… You see, I’d like to touch the hearts of people with my writing, and therefore it makes me truly happy to know that I’ve obviously succeeded in touching yours.
      We are all here to enrich each others’ lives.
      With lots of love, Maarit

  2. I’ve just nominated you for an award! ;-) Great blog! Jenny

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