Coaching in The Now

I offer coaching the Zen way, in Finland and worldwide through Skype.

I do not particularly like the word coach or coaching. It has so strong connotations with sports. You know – getting better results, performing better.

And what I  actually do goes exactly in the opposite direction. Yes, it is good to have goals and dreams, but my main task is to support people in seeing what is present here and now in their lives. I support people in finding peace with whatever it is they see and experience in their life just now. I ask them to stop. To look. To listen to themselves. To experience in their whole being.

So I do not train or trim or polish people to be better. I do not set goals for them. I do not encourage them to rush forward. I ask them to come back to themselves. I support them in finding the potential and possibilities they already have inside them. Sometimes that may mean working together through their pain.

It seems to me that in general we are too eager to find answers. We can’t tolerate staying too long in the question. Therefore we start to look for an answer, a way forward, a new goal or destination. Living, even for a moment, in discomfort, is unbearable. And yet, if we could accept, even for a moment,  the uncertainty of life, we would be so much more relaxed and at peace with ourselves. And then from that place we could start to recognize better what it really is that wants to come into being through us.

I wrote on this topic also in my post What Is The Driving Force Behind Your Actions.

Below my business logo. And this is my business website:
Sometimes it is difficult to bring awareness into one’s life alone. A support is needed. Coaching the Zen way works surprisingly well also on Skype.



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