In Front of A New Scenery

Joel meren rannalla

It’s been an intense and interesting year, this 2013. I started to write my blog at the end of January. On my About page I told that I will ponder the question: Who am I really.

And indeed it has been a year of explorations. Towards the end the year has become even more intense.

In general it is simply about still wanting to do something meaningful in my life. I have matured slowly, and I have had to spend a lot of time trying to understand myself better. I started my life with a heavy baggage, but I bless the lessons it has given me. Life has become better and better by the years.There is more stability and inner harmony, and more trust in life and in myself. I do have my ups and downs and some days are grey and dull, or gloomy and distressed, but in general I nowadays return like a pendulum to its equilibrium position.

So I truly feel grateful as the year closes. It has been a year of great discoveries and realizations. It has been a year of making new friends and finding new connections. It has been a year of studying and learning new skills.

I have so much enjoyed the fact that I can connect with people in other countries and even on the other side of the globe. It has been great to realize that “family” is so much larger than just our biological family – which is also important – but that there are friends and like-minded souls everywhere, and thanks to new technology it is possible to stay in contact with them.

It has been a year of opening windows to new vistas, and a year of looking behind doors that I thought were permanently locked. A year of shaking hands with strangers who turned out to be friends. A year of finding sudden support and encouragement from people who I had never met before.

It has been a year when I have felt that life is carrying me. I just need to allow the flow of life to take me to the next place, to the next moment, in front of a new door, to a junction of two roads, to new encounters.

So I end the year thanking life for everything it has brought in front of me. I also thank you, my dear reader, for visiting and reading the blog. I wish that the new year will bring you moments of deep realizations, important discoveries and a lot of patience and acceptance in front of life’s surprises and mysteries.

10 responses to “In Front of A New Scenery


    Dear Maarit

    Such a simple and nice read. Thanks for these important messages for life.

    May the new year bring with new explorations, new treasures in life.

    All the very best wishes for the New Year to you and Kari!

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  2. Hello. We started our blogs at the same time in January. I’ve enjoyed your far away and peaceful life views this year and wish you well blogging in 2014…keep on keeping on! Sarah

  3. Your past year has been one step in the journey to new ideas, friends, and discoveries that will now expand into the New Year. I wish you a blessed one.

  4. Hei,
    Artikkelin teeman vaihtamisohjeet ja kuvakaappaukset ovat wp.comin sisältä.
    Muista, kuten sanoin artikkelissani, että vastuu on aina bloginomistajalla, teeman vaihtajalla. Omat teeman vaihtamiset, joita on ollut kymmeniä wp.comissa, ovat aina onnistuneet. Silti vara ei venettä kaada. Voit kopioida kaikki artikkelisi omalle kovalevyllesi, kuten artikkelissani neuvoin. Valinta on sinun.
    Onnea teemanvaihtoon ja mukavaa viikonloppua.

  5. I like your Hesse quote under your photo. I’ve read everything he

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